Ballooning Safety Information

Ballooning security information


With BALLOONING you are in good hands. Security and pleasure of flying are our main priorities. Each year, we carry thousands of passengers a board our hot air balloons in order to live an unforgetable experience and feel the sensation of floating in the air. the "zero risk" dos not exist, but from the begining of the activity we have invested in "security" : new equipment, pilot experience and training, insurance, maintenance and periodic control, etc. for our passengers and pilots to fly in safe conditions.

Hereafter, we inform you about all concerns we have decided to invest, in order to garantee to our clients a professional balloon activity realized in maximum security and safety conditions.

Ballooning Barcelona is a certified air operator by A.E.S.A

We offer and operate hot air balloon rides in Spain, therefore we have the obligation to present minimum human, financial and technical garantees to major Aviation Authorities that deliver aerial certification to operate and that realize anual inspection of our company.

The local Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) delivered our Air Operator Certification to operate commercial and private hot air balloon rides, to realize aerial advertising and aerial photography. That means we offer enough technical, human and financial garantees to fly in hot air balloon all around Spain and Europe. This certification is public and can be checked on the AESA website.

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The team : training and experience

Our pilots have been trained in a specialized flight school and graduated as "pilot in command". They have cumulated thousands hours of flight experience in hot air balloon and other aircraft. They are qualified to operate commercial and private flights with passengers. Our team speaks English, Spanish, Catalan and French. We are the only balloon air operator in Catalonia to have an international instructor part of our ballooning team.

ballooning barcelona championship

We are also involved in hot air balloon national and international competitions. One of the creator and also pilot of BALLOONING company is the current french champion and Nº1 in the national ranking. He also reached the 4th position during the World hot air Balloon Championship.

Our "chase crew team" has been trained to assist the pilot during the hot air balloon preperation process, to comunicate with passengers and to follow by car the balloon during the ride. All team has been personally trained to manage any situation of emergency as well as first aid procedure, in order to offer you maximum professionalism and security.

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Equipment : control and maintenance

A hot air balloon is an aircaft, therefore we follow a very strict maintenance program according to the manufacturer specification and the local aviation safety agency. Also, before each flight, the pilot always inspects the balloon and its equipment before flying.

We are under maintenance contract Nº TA15 with a Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation named ULTRAMAGIC SA for the maintenance of our balloon fleet and equipment. This organisation is authorized by E.A.S.A. (European Aviation Safety Agency). We have a dedicated budget to invest in new equipment, for balloon maintenance and repair.

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Third part insurance

We have the obligation to contract an aerial third part insurance for all passengers heading to the ballooning activity.

We are under insurance contract with COVERHOLDER LLOYD'S for a Third Part Insurance for the passengers according to European law Nº785/2004 and the national air law "Ley de Navegación Aérea del 21 de Julio de 1960 y al Real Decreto 37/2001". Therefore, all passengers boarding our balloon are legally insured.

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Usefull safety tips before heading to ballooning

In order to live this amazing balloon adventure in safe and good conditions, we always inform our passengers about few tips and useful recommendation ... We invite you to read the following safety records for you to have a memorable balloon experience :

Before the balloon flight :

What clothes must passengers wear? We recommend to wear sporting clothes according to the flight season and appropriate shoes, having in mind that a balloon can land on muddy fields and the flight is made in the early morning. During the flight, the temperature does not change.

Who can go up in a ballon? Every body can fly a board a hot air balloon from children aged 6 y.o. We just recommend pregnant women and people suffering bones weakness not to fly. We also prefer flying with people in good health and not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

What happen if the weather is rainy? Before every balloon flights, we always check the local weather report for wind and rain in order to know if we can operate a safe balloon ride. If we or the pilot consider the weather is unsuitable to operate the ballooning activity in safe conditions, we will instantly cancel the flight and offer the option to reprogram it.

In flight :

Will someone brief us about the activty? Yes, before take-off, the pilot will explain all safety instruction about take off, flight and landing you need to konw. Just pay attention to this instruction and feel free to ask any question you want.

What about the vertigo sensation with height? The hot air balloon flies at a level between the trees height and a bit more than 3000 feet, accoding to the flying zone and the wind speed day of the flight. Also a good news : you won't experiment the awfull sensation of vertigo as you have no link with the ground, it sounds incredible but it is true !

How does a ballon land? Before landing, the pilot will re explain to all passengers the safety instruction, and overall the safety position for landing in order to enjoy it. According to wind speed, the landing can be "soft" or "bumpy" and always "laughy"...

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