Steps of a balloon adventure

The set up of a hot-air balloon lasts between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on its size and the physical shape of the team... First, we have to find an appropriate launch field. The chosen place has to reach a 50m x 50m surface without obstacles, made of grass if possible

Hereafter, we describe a hot-air balloon ride in 6 steps, from the preparation of the material until the final landing

1. Mounting of the basket

We unload the basket from the trailer and install the burner at the top of the 4 Nylon sticks. We then fix it to the basket cables with karabiners. We connect the burner gas hoses to the propane tanks inside the basket. Then, we check that the burner is working properly. The basket is ready to be fixed to the enveloppe.

Balloon basket, burner, karabiners

2. Unfurling of the balloon enveloppe

We unload the bag which contains the balloon. We take a part of the balloon out of the bag and fix it to the karabiners of the basket. We then take the balloon out of the bag and unfurl it totally on the ground.

Balloon enveloppe

3. Inflation of the ballon

We first inflate the balloon with cold air before heating it to stand it up on the ground.

Two persons open the “bottom” of the balloon and hold it while a fan fills the envelope with cold-air. The balloon starts reaching its impressive size and final shape. Meanwhile, another member of the team fixes the parachute valve at the top of the balloon and maintains the crown line tensed in order to allow a smooth and controlled inflation.

Balloon inflation

4. Take-off of the hot-air balloon

The pilot, by activating the burner, produces big flames, then starts the majestic and impressive rising of the balloon. When the balloon stays still vertical, passengers are welcomed on board. The pilot proceeds to a short briefing on security measures during the flight and then activates the burner to make the balloon... lighter... and the hot-air balloon ride can start.

hot air balloon take off

5. The balloon tour

The wind is the master of your adventure, pushing the balloon and its crew to an undetermined destination. Flying in a hot-air balloon is a very special and unforgettable sensation as you float in the air in totally free way. The peacefulness and the silent are with us. We are just living a magical adventure with a panoramic view from up to 3000 feet high.

The balloon burner lets escape a 6 meters flame to heat that huge hot-air balloon, in order to ascend higher and higher. From up above, the landscape is amazing and looks so tiny. The air is pure and you feel no sensation of cold.

Without heating the enveloppe, the balloon descends slowly. Now you flies at a few metres from house´s rooftops, children are astonished by this big balloon that floats quietly above their heads.

The pilot announces the time to land. He pull the rope linked to the main parachute valve to let escape the hot air, then the basket touches slowly the earth. The hot-air balloon stands still ... your dream had become a reality.

hot air balloon flight

6. Arrival and final landing

Even if the final landing place is a mystery at the beginning of the flight, the pilot will always chose an accessible area for the rescue vehicle which is constantly looking after the balloon direction. Some minutes before landing, the pilot indicates the passengers the landing instructions. The balloon gets quietly closer to the ground before touching it. The basket stands still. We just have to wait few minutes necessary to cool down the balloon and the passengers of the wind can walk upon Mother Earth.

Landing phasis


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