The pleasure of flying in a balloon ...

Aerostation is the anciest form of flying. Flying in a balloon is a unique sensation, of floating freely through the air. You travel in the quietness and silence. You live the adventure with emotion and a 360º panoramic view around you.

The wind is the master of your travel, moving the balloon and its travelers to an undefine itinerary. "Eole" controls the direction and speed, the pilot masters the altitude.

The balloon burner lets escape a 6 meters flame to heat that huge hot-air balloon, in order to ascend higher and higher. From up above, the landscape is amazing and looks so tiny. The air is pure and you feel no sensation of cold.

Without heating the enveloppe, the balloon descends slowly. Now you flies at a few metres from house´s rooftops, children are astonished by this big balloon that floats quietly above their heads.

The pilot announces the time to land. He pull the rope linked to the main parachute valve to let escape the hot air, then the basket touches slowly the earth. The hot-air balloon stands still ... your dream had become a reality.