The GROUP / INCENTIVE balloon ride

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The "Group / Incentive / Corporate" balloon flight option offers the opportunity to realize a hot-air balloon ride with as many person as you want. We deal with all the details of the flight, from transportation to gathering the necessary hot-air balloon fleet and professional pilots or any particular details you would ask for to organize a particular balloon ride fitting with your own desires and needs. We offer 2 flying areas close to Barcelona city accessible by car and bus transportation. This is the perfect option for small and big groups, to celebrate a special event, for a team building or to incentive your companies' employees. We can organize the activity for groups from 8 up to 250 persons.

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The flight program

Activity description : the activity starts in the eraly morning with the picking up of the passengers at the meeting point. Then, the passengers have the opportunity to help during the preparation of the flight: the setting and inflation of the balloon. When the balloon is up, we take off for a ride which will last more than an hour. The wind is the master of our way up the Catalonian landscapes. The landing marks the end of our ride. The "chase crew" comes to collect the balloon and the passengers. Then we all come back to the launchfield and celebrate the balloon experience with a Cava toast. To finish, passengers will eventually receive a first flight certificate signed by the pilot.

Duration of the activity : the whole activity lasts half a day, including an 1 hour of balloon flight.

Flying hours : the balloon ride starts in the early morning and ends around noon. Exact time is set according to the flying season.

Days of activity : we operate all year long. The GROUP flight can be operated any day between Monday to Sunday, accordind to suitable weather conditions and availabilities.

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Pictures of the activity

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Location of the activity

Hot-air balloon flight next to the Montseny Natural Park / Cardedeu

We recommend this flying area for small groups, up to 25 participants. The Vallès Oriental / Montseny area is located at only 30 minutes away from Barcelona city. From the air, you will discover from the air amazing panoramas and landscapes, flying over unique points of interest in the Montseny Natural Park region. By clear sky, you will have the opportunity to admire the Montserrat Picks, Barcelona itself and the Mediterranean sea...

balloon flight in Barcelona

Location : Cardedeu city / 30min / 39km North of Barcelona.
Meeting point : Cafeteria GOLF ROCA or Cafeteria RESTAURANTE CAN PEDRA ANTIGA.
Go by car/bus : 30min. from Barcelona, by the AP7 highway.
Go by train : 40min. from "Barcelona Pg de Gracia" station, stop "Cardedeu", train line "R2Nord Aeroport > Maçanet-Massanes".
Go with us : we can organize transportation from Barcelona hotel. See details bellow.

ballooning over Vallès Oriental, Cardedeu, montseny

Hot-air balloon flight over Osona / Vic

We recommend this flying area for small and big groups up to 250 participants as big buses can easily park there and the launch field is big enough to receive more than 25 balloons at the same time. The Osona / Vic area is located at 50 minutes away from Barcelona. From the air, you will discover the medieval city centre of Vic and a complete panoramic view surrounded by the majestic Pyrenees’ mountains, the Montserrat rocs and the Montseny mountain.


Location : Vic city / 50min / 70km North of Barcelona.
Meeting point : cafeteria of CAN PLAMPLONA.
Go by car/bus : 50min. from Barcelona, by the C17 roadway.
Go by train : 70min. from "Plaça de Catalunya" station, stop "Vic", train line "R3".
Go with us : we can organize transportation from Barcelona hotel. See details bellow.

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Useful informations

Flying season : In Catalonia, it is possible to fly equally during summer or winter. In fact, flying in winter offers some interesting advantages for the passengers: the weather is generally more stable what allows a longer flight and you can get up later as dawn takes place later in the morning.

Good weather conditions for a good flight : hot-air Ballooning is an activity directly linked with the weather conditions. To ensure the flight, we absolutely need to have weak winds (less than 20 kmph) and no rain. In case of unsuitable weather conditions we would postpone the flight to another day.

Restrictions : a hot-air balloon ride is a very safe activity but in order for our passengers to avoid running any risk, we advise pregnant women and children under 6 not to fly.

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Prices and options

We can organize a balloon flight for groups from 8 to 250 passengers, by concentrating many balloons flying at the same time. We can deal with the transportation service from and to Barcelona city, pick up at hotel or any other places. We also offer extra services like "breakfast before flight", "lunch after flight", "customization of the event with banners", etc.

Prices :

GROUP / CORPORATE balloon flight Price (1)
1 group of 8 passengers 140 € /pers.
1 group of 9-250 passengers Ask for a quote
Option : transportation service from Barcelona Ask for a quote
Option : breakfast before flight Ask for a quote
Option : Catalonian lunch after flight Ask for a quote
Option : Customization of the event with banners Ask for a quote

(1) Prices w.o. VAT tax valid from 2019/01/01

The activity includes :

- Flight organization, balloons and teams.
- Third part insurance for every passengers.
- Briefing, preparation and inflation of the balloon.
- A flight of minimum of 1 hour in duration.
- Landing, passengers recovery by the chase crew.
- Return to the launch field in 4WD trucks.
- Cava toast and soft drinks to all passengers
- Delivery of First flight certificates signed by the pilot.

Extra services :

- Transportation by bus from Barcelona city, pick up at hotel or any other places.
- Breakfast before flight, set up on the launch field or in a local cafeteria.
- Lunch in restaurant after the activity. many options according to customer's budget.
- Big banners with client´s logo fixed on each balloon basket to customize the event.

Contact us for a quote :

To organize a balloon flight activity for groups from 8 to 250 participants, just ask us for a quote and price list for the possible extra services, by contacting us by E-mail or by phone :

Contact us by E-mail :
Contact us by phone (10:00 - 18:00) : (+34) 666 424 177


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