Adventures and exploits in balloon

Breitling Orbiter III - the first world tour

Breitling Orbiter

On March 20th of 1999, the Swiss man Bertrand Piccard and the English Brian Jones realized the last human achievement in the earth atmosphere. With the “Brietling Orbiter 3” balloon constructed by the English Don Cameron, they landed in Egypt after having realized the first non-stop world tour flight in 20 days of time. They had taken off from Switzerland and had covered the distance of 46.759 kilometres. To realize this exploit, they had mixed two kinds of balloons: the hot-air balloon filled with propane and helium gas.

Steve Fossett achieved the first solo world tour

Steve Fosset Solo Spirit

Steve Fossett was the first man to achieve a solo and non-stop world tour flight. He took off from Northam in Australia on June 19th of June and arrived on the 4th of July.

Dr. Vijaypat Singhania reached 70.000 feet high in a balloon

Dr Vijaypat Singhania

Dr. Vijaypat Singhania has the record of altitude with a hot-air balloon, done in Mumbaï, India, on the 26th of November 2005. He flew in a 45.000 cubic meters balloon constructed by Cameron Balloons, Z1600 model, in a pressurized cabine constructed by Andy Elson and the engineering team of The Flying Pictures, for a total weight of 1.800 kg.

1.000 hot-air balloons at the Albuquerque Festival

Albuquerque Balloon Festival

The most spectacular hot-air balloon festival of the world, the Albuquerque balloon festival in the US, gathers more than 1.000 balloons during a week. In the sky of New Mexico, you could also admire special-shape balloon such as a flying cow, a strawberry or a flying saucer…completely unreal!

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