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We offer you the opportunity to implement innovative and impacting actions which will allow you to enhance your organization’s overall image and raise your brand awareness. Indeed, when it comes to retention, board appeal, impact, unique product positioning or favourable impression, Hot-air balloons are a really good and cost effective advertising medium.

Advertising hot air balloons

Hot air balloon advertising

The hot-air balloon, the biggest and the most spectacular bill-board in the world to promote your brands.

  • Imagine a giant billboard that you could located in the exact place you want to, at the desired height and with the wanted shape.
  • Imagine that additionally you give a real pleasure to the fascinated audience of your advertising just because they are watching your brand flying.
  • Imagine at last that making your targeted consumers dream is a lot cheaper that any other traditional media.


We have the pleasure to introduce you the advertising support which generates the biggest retention rate by impact: the hot-air balloon, more than 20 meters high and offering more than 1.000m2 of advertising surface.

Do you know that a hot-air balloon focus the attention of 90% of the people who see it and that 90% of this audience tell friends, family or colleagues that they have seen it ?

Moreover, this type of aerial advertising present a lot more of advantages compared to other advertising media :

  • • Spectacular size
  • • High retention impact rate
  • • Total geographic flexibility
  • • Low cost
  • • “High-quality” positionning
  • • Awareness
  • • Easy and quick set-up

Options for promotion & advertising

There are 2 options to fix advertising messages on a balloon :

By fixing giant banners

Using giant banners fixed upon the envelope of one of our float’s balloon. A streamer is generally 4 meters high by 10 meters large, which represents 40m2 of advertising surface, with the possibility to put several on the same balloon’s envelope. It is the more economical way to announce your brand, especially adapted to specific and punctual advertising campaign. We talk in this case of a "dressed balloon".

It is also possible to decorate the four faces of the hot-air balloon’s basket.

By manufacturing a balloon especially for your brand

A balloon is especially designed with the shape and the design wanted by your company. This option allows you to get a perfect result totally in accordance with your brand image. It is the best option for medium to long term advertising campaign. We talk in this case of "corporate balloon".

Operative uses of a balloon

Captive flights

Tethered hot air balloon

We inflate the hot-air balloon to position the basket at 15-20 meters up from the ground. It acts as a giant moving billboard, being especially impactfull when illuminating by its flame during the night captive flight. The advertising captive flight generally lasts 2 hours, or more according to your needs.

Where can you use a captive balloon ? in venues of all kinds, industrial or commercial events or in places with a strong concentration of people (beaches etc.), promotional events, team building, incentives, wedding, television reports or films, etc.

Interests : its majesty and its size capture/attract the public attention in a very effective way up to long distance and media exposure who will broadcast those events. More than a giant billboard, the balloon is an excellent tool for public relations as you can invite your target for a special lift in the hot-air balloon, something they won’t forget for sure.

Free flights

Customized with your brand image, the balloon moves freely in the sky, at low or high altitude, attracting your target attention on your brand and this any day and any season of the year. Winter, during the Christmas time, is one of the best seasons to fly over a given geographic area because of the good climatic conditions at this period in Catalonia.

Where can you make free flights ? in sporting contests, festivals, championship, over densely populated areas, films, weeding, aerial photography, incentives, adventure tours, etc.

Interest : to capture the attention of the biggest number of potential consumers thanks to the almost hypnotic nature/power of a hot-air balloon flying in the sky and thanks to the presence of the other communication media. It is also a unbeatable means to strengthen your public relation with your clients: you can be sure that a client flying in one of your corporate balloon will never forget such an amazing experience.

Indicative Prices :

Hot-air balloon event / advertising / promotion Prices *
Get your own "branded balloon" from 30.000 €
Promote your brand with a "giant banner" from 1.200 €
Captive flight operation from 850 €
Free flight operation from 600 €

* Prices exclude VAT tax (21%).

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