Inflatables for advertising and promotion

inflatables advertising

In order to promote your brand and your products to your customers, we offer 3D inflatables filled with cold air (ventilator) or helium. That original type of advertising has the effect to attract the customer´s attention, during a fair or a special event. Possibilities of manufactures are infinite because all our inflatables are made to measure.

Give volume to your products, it is so easy to be seen ...

We offer all shape of inflatables, at any size, following your needs :

Reproduce giants products
Advertising in 3D without any limit
Helium balloons and special shapes
For an efficient visibility
special shape inflatable helium inflatable
Inflatable Stands
Set-up in less than 15 minutes
Mascots and Columns
Animation of 10 metres high
Inflatable stand Mascot and Columns inflatables
High impact in sporting event
Giant Bottles and Cans
TO surprise your client
arches inflatable bottle inflatable

Our goal is to bring you efficient and practical solutions for the needs of your company in term of :

  • Setting-up sales actions.
  • Increasing traffic on purchase place.
  • Anouncing an special event.
  • Street Marketing.
  • Developping your Indoor / Outdoor visibility.
  • Launching of a new product campain.
  • Branding your corporate image.

Also, the pros of the inflatables are various :

  • No limit of shapes for manufacturing inflatables. Your limit is only your imagination !
  • Quick install in few minutes, any where at any place, even in unaccessible spots for other advertising products.
  • Great impact on your target, according to the attractivity and originality of the advertising support.

Our leaflet :

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Hot-air balloon advertising
and inflatables

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