The PYRENEES CROSSING balloon ride

hot air balloon pyrenees crossing ride andorra

About this experience

Probably one of the most impressive and unforgettable balloon flight you can make in a life : a balloon crossing over snowed mountains of the Pyrenees, ending with a cross country flight over Centric Catalonia before landing. This is a long flight in distance and duration, around 3 hours ! We will fly at different altitudes in order to have the right winds, between 9.000 and 12.000 feet high, but we will also fly at low hights in order to admire the beautiful countryside and esmerald valleys. During the balloon flight, the pilot will explain to all passengers how to control the balloon, navigate with a GPS, talk to air traffic controls, etc. We will also take the time to have a meal and drinks in the basket during the travel. Believe us, that flight is a real adventure !


Activity's description

The activity starts at dawn with the picking up of the passengers at the meeting point. Then, the passengers have the opportunity to help during the preparation of the flight : the setting and inflation of the balloon. When the balloon is up, we take off for a 3 hours ride. The North wind is the master of our way to cross the Pyrenees mountains. We take time to have a meal and drink water and fruits juices during the flight. The landing marks the end of our ride. The chase crew comes to collect us and the balloon. Once the balloon packed, we go to a tipical Catalan restaurant, have a good meal and share everyone ´s impression best moments. Then, we celebrate the experience with a Cava Champagne toast and delivery of the first flight certicates signed by the pilot. We finish the activty by coming back in 4x4.

Days of activity

We operate this flight during the winter season only, on December, January, February and March only, any day if we have a minimum of 4 participants or for those who decide to book the "private" balloon flight option.

Duration of the experience

We operate one flight per day, by the morning only, just after sunrise. Starting time is 7:30 am. The whole activity lasts 6 hours in total, including a flight up to 3 hours in duration.


Location of the activity

The starting point of the activity is situated just few miles away from the French border, in the Cerdanya county. According to the weather conditions, we will choose the best launch site to optimize the balloon ride.

Cerdanya location map

Take off site : from CERDANYA VALLEY, located in the Catalan Pyrenees county, close to the french border.
Meeting point : at CERDANYA AIRFIELD (Alp) or HOTEL BON REPOS (Bellver-de-Cerdanya).
Go by car : 150 km / 2h from Barcelona. 70 km / 1h from Andorra. 140 km / 2h30 from Girona. 170 km / 2h30 from Lleida. 90 km / 1h from Manresa. 110 km / 1h40 from Perpignan (France).

Flying over the Pyrenees in balloon

Useful information

Flying season

In the Pyrenees, it is possible to fly all year long. In fact, flying in winter offers some interesting advantages for the passengers: the weather is generally more stable what allows a longer flight and you can get up later as dawn takes place later in the morning. Spring and Summer are good season to fly balloon and countryside offers colourful fields.


Hot-air ballooning is weather dependent. To ensure the flight, we absolutely need to have weak winds (less than 20 kmph) and no rain. In case of unsuitable weather conditions we would offer to passengers alternatives dates.

Safety information

Our team (pilot and crew) are professionals, formed to manage a long distance and high altitude balloon flight. On board, we always have a first aid kit and all equipment necessary for airspace navigation. It is important to be in good healthy condition the day of the balloon ride. We recommend not to drink alcohol since the day before. During the balloon flight, we also recommend to drink water and fruits juices

Restriction and clothing

A hot-air balloon ride is a very safe activity but in order for our passengers to avoid running any risk, we advise pregnant women and children under 6 not to fly. It is important to wear warm clothes, gloves, sunglasses and solar cream during this flight.

Prices for this hot air balloon flight

We offer a SHARED and a PRIVATE flight. In the SHARED flight there will be a maximum of 6 passengers on board. The PRIVATE flight offers the option of an intimate flight, only you with the pilot.

Prices and Options

PYRENEES CROSSING 3-HOUR balloon ride : Prices (1)
Price for a SHARED FLIGHT 350 € /person
Price for a PRIVATE FLIGHT 500 € /person
Option GIFT CERTIFICATE (open date voucher) Free

(1) Prices are per person, valid from 01/01/2022. This flight is operated only on December, January, February and March.

The price includes

- Flight organization, the ballooning team (pilot+crew member).
- Third party insurance according to European law Nº785/2004.
- Briefing, preparation and inflation of the balloon.
- A flight over the Catalan Pyrenees mountains of aprox. 3 hours in duration.
- Beverages during the flight.
- Landing, passengers recovery by the chase crew.
- Transfer to a tipical Catalan restaurant and meal.
- Cava Champagne toast and delivery of First flight certificates signed by the pilot.
- Transfer back in 4x4.

Give this as a GIFT (Open date ticket valid 1-year)

balloon gift certificate

The GIFT CERTIFICATE is an open date voucher for a balloon ride. This is the best option if you want to offer the activity as a gift and let the participants decide their flying date. The gift certificate is valid 1 year from date of purchase, can be customized with a personal message, is delivered immediatly by E-mail and ready-to-print.

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The Pyrenees crossing flight is operated only on December, January, February and March. We also offer a very similar balloon flight formula, operative all year long, we have named the ADVENTURE balloon ride. Duration of this adventure is 2 hours, we fly over the Pre-Pyrenees countryside and the launch site is decided at last moment according to weather forecast.

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Offer / Book a hot air balloon ride

To enjoy yourself the activity or offer it as a gift, please choose one of these contact options : order a gift certificate, fill the on line form and book a balloon ride or just contact us by E-mail or Phone. Anticipating your booking is the best option to ensure availability on the date you want to fly, especially for a week-end ride. We will do our best to respond positively to your demands according to our availability.

Exclusive cancellation policy for non-resident : in case of unsuitable weather conditions the day of the flight, you will be provided the option to take the balloon tour on an alternative date or be refunded in full (except Gift certicates that are not refundable). Customers must inform us at moment of booking.

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