Give volume to your brands

From the most spectacular hot-air balloons to the simplest inflatable structures, we offer you the opportunity to implement innovative and impacting actions which will allow you to enhance your organization’s overall image and raise your brand awareness. Indeed, when it comes to retention, board appeal, impact, unique product positioning or favourable impression, Hot-air balloons and inflatable structures is a really good and cost effective advertising medium.

Based in Spain, we are also organizing events in France and in the rest of Europe. Coming from the corporate world, we are result-oriented and we always make sure that our work together will result in added value for your company.

Advertise with hot-air balloons

The hot-air balloon, the biggest and the most spectacular bill-board in the world to promote your brands.

Imagine ... a giant billboard that you could located in the exact place you want to, at the desired height and with the wanted shape.

Imagine ... that additionally you give a real pleasure to the fascinated audience of your advertising just because they are watching your brand flying.

Imagine ... at last that making your targeted consumers dream is a lot cheaper that any other traditional media.

hot air balloon advertising

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Inflatable advertising (cold-air and helium)

Give volume to your products! It’s so easy to be seen ...

In the same spirit, we bring the brand closer to its consumers to enhance the corporate image of the company, we propose inflatable structures and forms in 3D, inflated with helium or cold air to impact the consumers and create effective emotional connections of all kind by surprising the consumer where he be.

inflatables advertising

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